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Episode 4 - Home Alone

This week’s episode contains stories about the horrors of being home alone, and making the grizzly discovery that you aren’t safe at work, either… These tales of terror and more.

Music from today’s episode came from, a great source of free media for podcasts, YouTube videos, and blogs.

The Redditors that graciously allowed me to narrate their stories respectively:
1. Home Alone by littlekiwibirb
2. Always sleep with the curtains closed by Existentially_Naive
3. How saying 'I don't believe in ghosts made me a believer by petey_pumpkin44
4. After this we locked our doors by katescarousel
5. My Friends first boyfriend wanted to spend some "alone time" with me. by d3moniclilly
6. I thought I was just doing my job.. by sleepyoptimist

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