A little background about me - Bleak -

I am new at podcasting, but I listen to podcasts/YouTube videos all day. I have probably chewed over, and gotten caught up on the majority of the more renowned narrators' content out there. Mrcreepypasta, Creepsmcpasta, Corpse Husband, just to name a few.(Along with, like, all of Parcast's podcasts)

Recently, my ALL TIME favorite podcast called Lets Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast, was discontinued due to Mr. Tate having some personal things going on in his life.
So, I thought, man... My weekly highlight is gone.
Better continue on in his footsteps! *insert high fives and thumbs up here*

So, this podcast isn't a true replacement, as I'm covering more diverse topics, but still in the wheelhouse of all things dark, eerie, and downright creepy!
That being said, please don't be alarmed if I jump into your inbox requesting your permission to use your scary stories :)

Thanks so much for coming to my page and reading this over! When the podcast is officially up on our favorite podcast directories, well... That's when the real fun begins!

Much love,